No festival experience is complete without the offer of a cold, frosty beer to quench a patron’s thirst. And we have exactly that! Joe and his team work hard to keep the beer cold and the bins full, so when you approach this team of enthusiastic volunteers you will have beer in hand before you know it. As well, we have streamlined The Beer Tent to eliminate congestion and make serving our patrons more efficient.

Beer on offer: Coor’s Light, Canadian, 67, Rickard’s Red and Creemore Lager.

PRICES: A $5.00 alcohol ticket is required for each beer.

Also on offer at The Beer Tent, are coolers: Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, Mott’s

Clamato and Palm Bay Key Lime Cherry.

PRICE: A $6.00 alcohol ticket is required for each cooler.



You don’t need to travel to New Orleans to sample one of that city’s most iconic beverages, “The Hurricane”. It can be found right here, exclusively at our Festival.

Callie and her dedicated team make each drink to order using a unique and secret recipe…. We will say that this is a rum based concoction and those who try The Hurricane are never disappointed. In fact, our regular patrons look forward to enjoying this unique drink that can only be had once a year at our Festival. Unless, of course, you travel to New Orleans and visit Pat O’Brien’s Bar.

You can also purchase a shot of Bailey’s here to add to your cup of fresh and hot McDonald’s Coffee.

Also on offer: Rum & Coke.

PRICES: A $5.00 alcohol ticket is required for Hurricane, Rum & Coke, The Hurricane and Rum Shot.



 For those patrons who enjoy a glass of wine. We are proud to offer a selection of Ontario wines from Pelee Island, each featuring our specially designed Jazz & Blues in the Village label.  Sharon and her team of dedicated volunteers serve each glass of white wine chilled to perfection and with a smile! They are proud to serve red wine for you to choose from.   On offer will be two choices for each, red and white.

PRICES: A $5.00 alcohol ticket is required for each 5 ounce glass of wine.

 Philly Cheese Jakes

Known for their $5 foot long hot dogs, Philly Cheese Jakes is a family run business, and truly believe that families that stay together will thrive together. ‎Fresh food all made from scratch is a great way to say thank you – thank you for allowing us to be part of your family.


Yogurtz is an locally owned family  run business based in Sarnia Ontario since 2011 . We are not a franchise and take great pride in the uniqueness of our product and toppings.  We consider our   frozen Yogurt  to be the best in Lambton County for quality, most creamy and best in flavour.


 Once again we will be serving McDonald’s delicious premium roast coffee served to you by our dedicated team of volunteers.

As well, they will have tea available for those who would like a nice, hot cuppa’.

As always, coffee and tea are complimentary. However, a suggested donation of $1.00    per cup will be gratefully accepted! All profits go to SODA and as you know, all monies raised stay in our community.



In this world there is popcorn and then there is “Jazz & Blues in the Village” popcorn. The two are not the same. “J&B” popcorn is served up hot and fresh by our dedicated, long serving group of volunteers who approach their job with total gusto!

It is not unusual to find the ladies kicking up their heels in a can-can or dancing to the fabulous music. Feather boas, hats and their active imaginations lead to delightful and entertaining costumes which our regular patrons look forward to seeing.

They are a very enthusiastic group and we guarantee they will put a smile on your face when you stop by The Popcorn Booth. Popcorn is $2.00 per bag.



We guarantee that there will be something for everyone at this booth, so be sure to stop by to see what is on offer and to purchase your raffle tickets

50/50 Draw: As our regular patrons know this raffle is one-of-a-kind fun! You never know what will happen! Remember the year Shakura S’Aida sold the Friday night raffle tickets by the “length” of her gorgeous legs? What fun we had that night and ticket sales were through the roof of our tent.

All proceeds from the 50/50 Draw go to SODA and of course, stay in our community!



The Jazz & Blues in the Village committee members try to keep things fresh by introducing new ideas and this year we are excited to announce that a different kind of raffle experience is returning due to popular demand.

When you purchase a raffle ticket(s) you will be able to choose what you would like to win by placing your ticket(s) in the appropriate container.

Be sure to check out the SODA Raffle Booth to see all the other great prizes available thanks to the generosity of our local community members and businesses.